Our members are a prolific group and below you can find a selection of their works, both print and online.

Billy Abbott

The Philosophy of Whisky
A introductory dive into the world of whisky, including history, production, culture and, as you’d expect, a little bit of philosophy.
Spirited Matters
A blog about the world of drinks, with a focus on spirits.

Becky Sue Epstein

Strong, Sweet and Dry
Today, many fortified wines are flourishing again, revived by discerning drinkers and modern mixologists all over the world. Strong, Sweet and Dry is the ultimate guide to these freshly rediscovered palate pleasers.
Brandy: A Global History
This book chronicles the history of brandy, traveling from medieval alchemists to present-day drink mixologists and exploring its production and consumption from the Middle Ages to today.
Champagne: A Global History
This book chronicles champagne’s story, from the world’s first sparkling wine, produced in 1531 by monks in Saint-Hilaire, to the celebrities who made champagne famous and continue to do so today.

Wink Lorch

Jura Wine
Authoritative guide to the intriguing and varied wines of this bijou Frenchwine region, with gorgeous photographs and useful maps.
Wines of the French Alps
The ultimate guide to the fascinating grapes and wines from the mountain wine regions of Savoie and its neighbours.