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A whirlwind tour of Chile’s varying valleys and trailblazing tendencies

Wines of Chile tasting
Amanda Barnes attends Wines of Chile’s virtual tasting for CWW members, and is impressed by the South American country’s dizzying diversity that continues to develop unabated. A version of this article was published on South America Wine Guide. The wines of Chile have a lot of ground to cover at the moment, both in terms of style and location. There are incredible troves of old vines, ranging fro...
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Meet the Member: Sarah Jane Evans

Sarah Jane Evans wine writer, Circle of Wine Writers interview
Sarah Jane Evans MW is an award-winning wine writer, critic and editor who is renowned for her astute tasting ability and thirst for knowledge. Amanda Barnes interviews her to find out more about her journey into wine, and specifically why she likes to champion the still and fortified wines of Spain, as well as discovering why white chocolate and White Zinfandel might not be as bad a pairing as it...
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New Member: Neil Cammies

Neil Cammies has written a wine column, initially in the South Wales Echo, then the Western Mail for 21 years. He has hosted tastings for local businesses, Welsh Cheese Festival and various food festivals including Newport and Abergavenny. He also writes food features focussing on the great ingredients and stellar chefs currently working in Wales today, including Stephen Terry, Shaun Hill and G...
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Meet the Friend: Anita Jackson, Wines of Chile

Anita Jackson
Anita Jackson is the well-known UK Director of Wines of Chile where she has been fundamental in building awareness of Chilean wine in the UK for over 17 years. Her interest in wine, however, started at home — from her kitchen sink, in fact — as Amanda Barnes finds out in this Meet the Friend interview. Anita shares her travel tips for Chile and what's she's most excited about in the Chilean wine ...
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James Halliday moves from tasting to new technology

Circle member and esteemed Australian wine writer James Halliday is taking a step back from some of his tasting duties at renowned publication, the Halliday Wine Companion, in order to focus on initiatives to support the wine industry and lead innovation in response to the increasing threats of drought and bushfire, as well as the impact of Covid 19 on the wine industry. James will guide the de...
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New Member: Darren Gall

Darren Gall
Darren Gall has worked in the wine industry for three decades as winemaker, grape grower, brand and market developer, writer and judge. He has lived and worked in the wine regions of Coonawarra, McLaren Vale and Margaret River and has travelled the world as an ambassador for wine. Darren began exporting to Asia a quarter of a century ago and has lived in the region since 2001, developing markets ...
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Bükk buckles down

Ádám Berkecz Lillafüred Palace
Robert Smyth finally frees the shackles of lockdown on his first post-Covid wine trip, and finds winemaking momentum building in the mountains around Miskolc, in north-eastern Hungary. A version of this article earlier appeared in the Budapest Business Journal. It was a welcome change to return to Hungarian wine country in June, to witness a barely-known cum less prestigious wine region take stri...
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New member: Moshé Cohen

A wine blogger and a producer of his Wine Podcast, Moshé began writing about wine in 1996, with a weekly wine column for the Israeli financial magazine Globes. Moshé has also contributed wine articles to the Gastronomic magazine Al-Hashulhan and appeared as a guest contributor for Purple Pages and The Wine Beat. He is an Associate Judge on the IWC.   We welc...
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Promise amongst the peaks and the pumice

Old vines sur échalas in Boudes ©WL
Continuing on from her introductory article in August’s Circular on the Côtes d’Auvergne region in the Puy de Dôme department, within the volcanic part of France’s Massif Central, Wink Lorch visits producers big and small, and finds plenty of potential in the region that has altitude and ash to its advantage. With only about 400 hectares (ha), Côtes d’Auvergne inspired me to think once again abou...
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What can I still afford to drink?

wine corks
Neal D. Hulkower looks back at the wines he used to drink as a student and ponders the cost of drinking that chunk of wine history now, via some considerable number crunching. A version of the article first appeared on  It’s all John’s fault. In August 1968, I flew to Chicago for an Astronomical League conference, but because limited funds kept me in the area, I had to find a p...
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