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Switzerland, September Sixteen: A poem in memory of Elisabeth Pasquier

Peom for Elisabeth VINEA
Judy O'Kane remembers the late Elisabeth Pasquier two years on from a Circle trip to Switzerland which Elisabeth, as Director of VINEA, helped organise. Native to Carcassonne, Elisabeth had been living in Switzerland for 17 years and was a key individual in Swiss wine promotion, including organising the Swiss Wine Fair and Swiss Wine Grand Prix. Judy O'Kane pays tribute to her ...
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Meet the Friend: Clemence de Crecy

Clemence de Crecy Clementine Com
Clemence de Crecy is originally from Lyon, France, but her studies brought her over to the other side of the Channel in her early 20s. She is now based in London where she runs her successful PR agency, Clementine Communications, specialising in luxury, lifestyle and drinks. Amanda Barnes interviews Clemence to find out more about her path into wine and discovers why coffee and...
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The unexpected inception of South Africa’s wine industry

Amanda Barnes looks into the origin of South African wine and how a lack of Vitamin C has given birth to something quite remarkable. As so often happens in wine, a humble intention can lead to an unexpected, and far more glorious, result. The bubbles in Champagne were an accident of bottling wine with a little sweetness to soften the flavour; the creation of the great fortifie...
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The Champagne widows

Fredrik Schelin guides us through his home, Champagne, and its famous widows, in this excerpt from his new book 'Champagne, 49 million bubbles in a bottle'. Veuve means widow in French and can be found on a variety of brands. Barbe-Nicole Clicquot-Ponsardin and Lilly Bollinger were not the only famous champagne widows. Louise Pommery, Camille Olry-Roederer, Mathilde-Em...
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