Jo Burzynska achieves PhD for ‘Tuning Sensory Terroir’

Dr Jo Burzynska has now completed and been awarded a PhD, for her thesis entitled: Tuning Sensory Terroir: Mapping correspondences between sound and wine.

This was a creative and empirical investigation of crossmodal correspondences – the systematic association of sensory features from different modalities – which identified a number of correspondences between sonic/musical properties and wine characters. It also explored and presented how these could be applied in the creation of aesthetic experiences that involve sound/music and wine.

“My thesis is currently under embargo as I am in talks with a publisher about making it into a book,” explains Jo. “I have now moved back to New Zealand, where I’m dividing my time between wine writing, creative multisensory projects and the imminent launch of my “Sensory Terroir” platform offering multisensory consultancy to drinks and hospitality businesses, as well as consumer wine and music experiences.”