Meet the Member: Stephen Skelton MW

Stephen Skelton MW interview for Circle of Wine writers
Stephen Skelton MW is one of the best-known authors of viticulture with his renowned and best-selling book, Viticulture. However, his knowledge and love of wine far surpass the vineyard, as Amanda Barnes finds out in this interview, in which Stephen shares his insights into making English wine, vineyard dogs and Japanese Ladybugs. You had an interesting route into the wine industry as an English...
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Meet the Member: Megumi Nishida

Megumi Nishida
Megumi Nishida has been working in wine in Japan since the 1990s and in this Meet the Member interview, Amanda Barnes finds out how the wine industry has evolved there over this time. Megumi also shares why she has always been a fan of Alsace, her views on Japanese wine, and leaves us with a thought-provoking wine Haiku.   What's your earliest memory in wine? My mother was born in Yamanash...
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Meet the Member: Timo Jokinen

Timo Jokinen is no stranger to travel, having visited 156 countries, and in this interview Amanda Barnes discovers how while living in South East Asia he got started in the wine industry, which has led to him being a Grand Officier Maître Sommelier and restaurateur today.   What's your first memory in wine, and how did you get into the wine industry? Most probably back in the early 1980s...
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Meet the Member: Carla Capalbo

Carla Capalbo
Carla Capalbo is a respected expert in Georgian and Italian wine, having authored several books on the wine countries. Amanda Barnes interviews her about how she got into wine writing and why she'll be making gingerbread again in lockdown.   What’s your earliest memory in wine? I was born in New York City but I grew up in Paris and London and my stepfather had a wine cellar in our house ...
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Meet the Member: Christopher Fielden

Christopher Fielden is a well-known personality in the wine industry, having spent the past 60 years working in the trade in various roles. As he releases his new memoir, Full Bodied, Amanda Barnes interviews him about his favourite wine regions, books and why there's no guilty pleasure in his wine closet. Christopher served on the Circle committee for 6 years from 2003 and, during that time, four...
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Meet the Member: James Halliday

James Halliday
James Halliday needs no introduction to anyone in the wine industry, as one of the world's most renowned wine critics, who has been at the forefront of Australian wine communication for over 30 years. Amanda Barnes interviews him on his career in wine and why, after writing over 150,000 wine tasting notes and 70 books, he is now focusing on a new business, Junovate, and looking at how AI can push ...
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Meet the Member: Sarah Jane Evans

Sarah Jane Evans wine writer, Circle of Wine Writers interview
Sarah Jane Evans MW is an award-winning wine writer, critic and editor who is renowned for her astute tasting ability and thirst for knowledge. Amanda Barnes interviews her to find out more about her journey into wine, and specifically why she likes to champion the still and fortified wines of Spain, as well as discovering why white chocolate and White Zinfandel might not be as bad a pairing as it...
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Meet the Member: Michael Fridjhon

Michael Fridjhon
Michael Fridjhon delivers a frank assessment on the far-reaching impact of Covid-19 on the Cape wine industry, which has seen a ban on exports and alcohol sales. He also talks about defining moments in the development of the South African wine scene, and how pre-Covid, he never really had a ‘normal’ day. This has been one of the toughest times for the South African wine industry in recent years. ...
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Meet the Member: Sue Tolson

Sue Tolson has become increasingly involved in the Hungarian wine scene, having been based in Budapest for several years. Amanda Barnes interviews her to find out what's happening in Hungarian wine and why she's also keen to unite volcanic wine producers from around the world. What first sparked your interest in wine? My dad enjoyed wine, so I was always a little interested. Funnily enough, he...
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Meet the Member: Magnus Reuterdahl

Magnus Reuterdahl is a leading wine blogger and writer in Sweden. Amanda Barnes interviews him to find out more about how he transitioned from being a real-life Indiana Jones to a bonafide #winelover  How did you first discover a passion for wine?  My interest in wine started in the 90s but it was in the early 2000s it really took off with the rise of wine blogging. I started my first wine b...
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