Wine Production & Quality wins Gourmand award

Congratulations to Keith Grainger and Hazel Tattersall who won the award for the No 1 Best Wine Book in the World for Professionals at the 22nd International Gourmand Awards for “Wine Production and Quality“. The award was won at Yantai, in China’s Shandong province on 27th and 28th May. Wine, drinks, food and cook books from some 211 countries were entered in the competition. The book is a com...
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Discovering Dutch wine

Dutch wine article
Every September, regional newspapers in the Netherlands, just like in other countries, start to buzz with harvest news. Especially in 2016, for the grape harvest that year promised a lot of good for the quality of the Dutch wine. Every year, Dutch wines get better, as the experience of the winemakers grows. Viticulture in the Low Countries is not a new phenomenon. The first vineyards were possibly...
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Review: André Deyrieux, Cépages Modestes & Oubliés

You might think that there would be little more to write about grape varieties, following the publication of Wine Grapes (detailing 1,368 varieties) in 2012 by the three Js, joined in 2015, by a new edition (in French) of the nonagenarian Pierre Galet’s encyclopaedia of grape varieties. Yet, for those of us specialising in certain wine regions, where rare grapes abound, that simply isn’t the case ...
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