Anne Krebiehl MW tours the world through the lens of Pinot Noir

Markus Hungerbühler reviews Pinot Noir Around the World by Anne Krebiehl MW, a new monograph produced by the IWFS.

The International Wine & Food Society (IWFS), founded in London in 1933 and with approx 6000 members around the world, aims to bring people together to be enriched by food, wine and good company. The IWFS also publishes Monographs, providing authoritative coverage of topics of general interest, such as Modern Madeira and English Wine among others. 

The latest, the 23rd, Monograph in this series is dedicated to Pinot Noir Around the World and is written by our fellow member Anne Krebiehl MW, author of the award-winning book Wines of Germany. See the Meet The Member interview in The Circular of July 2021 With a professional focus on Pinot Noir, Riesling and traditional method sparkling wines Anne has written a comprehensive overview of this grapes famous home in Burgundy and its presence across France, Europe and the world. 

Over 86 pages Anne dives into the grape characteristics, history and the grape’s particular relationship with monasteries in the Middle Ages, and reflects on Burgundy today and the huge success of Pinot Noir wines from Burgundy since the late 1980s. She develops the global success story of Pinot Noir, talking about such diverse regions where this grape is grown successfully as Germany, Switzerland, Wales, California, Chile, Canada, Australia and South Africa among others. 

Corresponding to the aim of the IWFS a particular chapter is dedicated to the pairing of Pinot noir wines with food. Given the immense versatility of the grape and the many styles of the wine and hence the wide possibilities of pairing Krebiehl let some famous winemakers give their views on this topic, a mouth-watering read. Of particular interest is the last and extended chapter on Pinot Noir’s genetic identity. She explains what a clone is, why there are so many clones of Pinot Noir (because the grape is very old) and why this ‘clonal talk’ and the many different clones mattered and will matter in future. The author concludes that “Pinot Noir is a cultural artefact” and that “Pinot Noir is culture itself”. 

This Monograph is an interesting, well-researched and authoritative text and easily readable. Thanks to Anne Krebiehl’s Monograph a reader can much better understand the ‘undeniable and essential ‘Pinotness’’ that a regular Pinot Noir drinker rather feels than understands logically. The Monograph is particularly recommended to readers who want to learn more about this enigmatic and enchanting grape but without having to turn to a technical wine book for wine freaks. It confirms the IWFS attitude that “new knowledge is the ultimate form of refreshment”.

Cheers and enjoy a glass of nice Pinot Noir!


The guide can be purchased from the IWFS website via the following link:

The cover price is £9.99 but trade and bulk discounts are available. An e-book will also be available via various platforms in due course.