Champagne, 49 million bubbles in every bottle

Although it is doubtful Fredrik Schelin has actually counted the bubbles in a bottle of Champagne, he seems to have done everything else surrounding the topic – including tasting over 4,000 Champagnes – in his new book being released next month.

This handsomely-presented guide to Champagne not only covers the history, sub-regions and method of Champagne but also looks into the other main styles of sparkling wine (Prosecco, Sekt, Cava, Cap Classique and Cremant).

Fredrik guides the reader through some notable Champagne producers and his top 100 recommended wines, as well as the basics of tasting and pairing food with Champagne, all the while accompanied by beautiful photos by Raphael Cameron and illustrations by Sara Cameron.


Members are encouraged to contact Fredrik ([email protected]) for review copies.