The Circular is a subscription website for Circle members and friends of the Circle. If you have not been able to view it this maybe because your membership subscription is due for renewal.  Viewing access is linked to members accounts and is activated by payment of the 2017 subscription.  You can get a taster of the newsletter by visiting the CWW website and click on The Circular tab.  However we do hope that you are planning to renew your membership which will give you full viewing access.  The quickest way to activate your membership, and view the newsletter, is to pay online through your account on the CWW website  Please see below the guidelines to do this: 

Getting started: 
1. When you log in for the first time please go to the Login box on the l/h side and enter your email address that you have provided for the membership list, or enter your firstnamesurname, all in lower case, no spaces i.e. simonwoolf and click on Lost your password or request your password using the “forgotten password” option here:

2. Once you have set your new password, please log in with your new password, and you should be on your subscriptions page which will invite you to click a button to renew your subscription (if you have not already done so).

3. If your subscription is due you will need to complete your renewal payment, using a credit or debit card, to have access to the members only section. The payment is processed securely by Stripe. We do not store your credit card details.  We have now switched to Stripe (replacing PayPal) as their fees are lower plus it is an easier system for developers to work with. We trust you find it user friendly too.