Janet Z. Wang releases second reprint of ‘Chinese Renaissance’

Janet Z. Wang‘s book Chinese Renaissance: A Wine Lover’s Companion was first published in January 2019 by Ebury Press, Penguin Randomhouse, and has this month been followed with its second reprint.

This second edition contains some minor updates, including a summarisation and explanation of the decline in wine production and consumption in China in recent years, a deeper delve into the unique landscape of Chinese e-commerce, a renewed list of ‘wines to try’ from wineries with real international footprints, as well as developments in overseas winery ownerships by Chinese entities and individuals.

However, this book is ultimately about Chinese wine culture and its historical context, arguing that wine is much more integral to the DNA of China than may be perceived, and this is an essential understanding for interacting with the Chinese, in the wine industry and beyond. On that front, much of the book’s contents have not required extensive update and still remain relevant and timely.

Janet would like to thank fellow Circle of Wine Writers for enriching the back cover of this second reprint, namely Oz Clarke OBE, for contributing the foreword, Amanda Barnes and Charles Metcalfe for their book reviews. Their endorsements now gracing the back-cover will surely lead to a 3rd printing!

CWW members will be able to enjoy a discounted price of £20 instead of the cover price of £25. Available on Members Benefits.