The Drinks Trust CV-19 Emergency Grant data shows where need is greatest

Having helped over 1,750 beneficiaries who applied for The Drinks Trust COVID-19 Emergency Grant, the following trends have become clear having now analysed the data.

  1. To date, 1,750 beneficiaries have been awarded a £250 grant
  2. In the first 5 months of 2020, The Drinks Trust have awarded over £800,000 in financial and wellbeing grants versus £627,339 in the whole of 2019
  3. 31% of grant recipients had already been made redundant due to CV19
  4. 70% of successful grant applicants stated they are sole household earners
  5. The average age of grant beneficiaries was 29
  6. 19% of grant recipients had at least one dependent child

The Trust will be running a social media campaign over the coming weeks promoting the statistics and sharing the message of thanks some of which are detailed below ;

“Just wanted to say thank you very much for the help that you provided, I just received today £250 into my bank account. I wish all the best in your life it was really helpful! We will never forget such a kind action”

“I would just like to say a massive thank you to everyone involved in this grant!  It’s going to help me out massively with bills and being able to eat for the next few months. Relieves some anxiety for sure. I really do appreciate it!”

“This money is so gratefully received by my family, it will allow us to do a decent food shop so that we can stay home and safe. Whilst being furloughed money is tighter than usual, the grant has helped ease thing for us a little and I am very thankful for that” 

The Drinks Trust would like to thank all of those businesses who made generous donations to both the COVID-19 fund and in particular Penrod Ricard, William Grant & Sons and Whisky.Auction. The Trust has received donations from over 100 drinks industry businesses to date, and this commitment will allow is to deliver vital services with the ambition to help our industry people with the return to work and the challenges they may face in the months ahead.

Chairman, Michael Saunders added, “we are so grateful to everyone who has supported us at this very difficult time. The response from the drinks industry in terms of donations and fundraising initiatives has been incredible without which we would not have been able to help so many people. However we still have so much more to do. The Drinks Trust is funded by industry donor businesses, so none of the support we have been able to deliver have been possible without the generosity and support from all areas of the drinks industry. The Drinks Trust supports drinks industry people”.