Wink Lorch releases Wines of the French Alps book

Wink Lorch has released her second book, Wines of the French Alps: Savoie, Bugey and beyond, which she self-published at the end of July under the imprint Wine Travel Media.

Wink had advance funding from 450 backers of the Kickstarter campaign she ran in 2017. She notes that backers were extremely supportive when she had to put back publication several times due to the illness and subsequent death of her partner Brett Jones. Originally the book was due out at the end of 2017, but the information in the book is as bang up to date as it can possibly be with the last words written a few days before going to print…

The book follows the same broad style and approach as Wink’s first book, Jura Wine, but covers five wine regions – Savoie, Bugey, Isère, Diois and Hautes-Alpes – something that gave Wink more logistical problems than she had imagined both for the writing and the production of the book. The original maps, produced by CWW member Quentin Sadler, were particularly complicated, and Wink has profiled almost 120 producers, versus just over 90 in Jura Wine.

The very patient editor for the book was Maggie Ramsay, who several UK members will know in particular as editor of Oz Clarke’s Pocket Wine book, over many years. The main photographer was CWW member Mick Rock, who also helped Wink to prepare Brett’s photographs for publication. Wines of the French Alps has 384 pages: about 165,000 words, with 11 maps, 2 geological diagrams and over 225 colour photographs.

When the printed book was delivered, with advanced orders adding to the Kickstarter orders, she despatched about 500 packages or 700 books over a weekend (with help from family and friends). Along with orders that have come in since the book has appeared, mostly through social media buzz, she has now sent the book (or rather her despatch manager brother has) to buyers in 29 countries. Her most important markets are the US, UK, France and Sweden.

Rather than a single book launch, Wink will be doing various signings, tastings and educational seminars from mid-September to November, first in the US (visiting CA, NYC, DC and VA), then in Sweden and Denmark, and finally in the UK and France. If any CWW member can write and place a review and wishes to be sent a review copy (as a pdf or in print), please contact Wink. And, those members who wish to buy a copy will find a 20% discount code offer listed in the members’ benefits list.


Wink’s book is being sold for £25 with worldwide despatch (costing extra) directly from her website: Whereas Wink’s Jura Wine (published in 2014 and selling well right now on the back of the first book), is also available on Amazon (via Amazon Marketplace, meaning it is despatched only from the UK and a lower commission is taken by Amazon), Wink is restricting Amazon sales (except until next year for the new book – “not my favourite company, but customers expect it to be there,” she notes. Wink also accepts wholesale orders from wine and specialist book stores around the world.