Kurt Zalto launches new wine collection in the UK

Kurt Josef Zalto, sixth generation glass designer, has released his own independent portfolio of glassware for wine — Josephinenhütte.  “For decades I have been studying the influence of shapes and materials and their effect on the taste of wine,” says Zalto. “I was driven by the vision to create the best possible sensory wine glass. After years of development, I am proud to say that the Josephine collection is my masterpiece.”

The Josephine glass features a bend that divides the mouth-blown vessel into two chambers, each serving a different purpose. The overhanging, narrowing walls of the lower chamber, where the wine is collected, help to facilitate precise swirling. The upper, larger chamber of the goblet forms a dome in which the wine’s aromas can accumulate and develop.

Although already launched in the US, where the glasses have already been adopted by restaurants including Momofuku, The Chef’s Table, Clover Hill, Shingo and Petrossian, the glass range is set to launch in the UK in May 2023.

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