Three CWW members take to the highlands for Scotch mini-series

Three CWW members and drinks enthusiasts – Colin Hampden-White (CWW Chairman), Helena Nicklin (CWW Committee member) and Adrian Smith – are heading to the highlands this summer to record a three-part video series on Scotch whisky.

In “The Three Drinkers Do Scotch,” the trio of presenters will explore the world of whisky and offer ‘edutainment’ in the form of three 30-minute episodes on the production of whisky, its regions and the travel experience of visiting Scotland.

Journalist, photographer and himself a Keeper of the Quaich, Colin Hampden-White explains:  “By following our journey, our audience can absorb the flavours, culture and diversity of Scotland’s iconic spirit. We want people to feel inspired to try Scotch whisky – maybe for the first time, or perhaps they are already a fan looking for something new. This is the other side of the all-to-often snobbish and pretentious way in which drinks are communicated.”

Helena Nicklin, wine and drinks presenter, author, writer and videographer, continues: “During filming, my intention is to get as close as possible to make the world of whisky – and drinks in general – less stuffy. Forget the swirling glasses and the lofty tasting notes. This show is fun and we want to teach through an entertaining travelogue in a way that appeals and makes sense to everyone.”

“Let’s face it, people like to explore new flavours, places and experiences,” continues wine and spirits columnist and drinks inspirer, Aidy Smith.  “Now is the time to encourage younger and more inquisitive generations to get involved and excited about this industry. Drinks tend to all look the same on camera, but this is a subject that is so sexy in real life. So we asked ourselves how can we take a world-famous spirit and inspire people. Our first three episodes are only the beginning.”


“The Three Drinkers Do Scotch” will be filmed in summer 2018 and air on Amazon Prime later in the year in partnership with Winerist – a global market leader for experiential tours.