Benevolent’s #NotAlone campaign makes debut at LIWF

Being more open about mental health issues in the workplace is the encouraging message that was championed by The Benevolent drinks charity at its public discussion held at the London Wine Fair last month.

Following an article by wine writer Mike Turner, published here, several people in the industry reacted to the need to more publicly discuss mental health in the wine industry. The Benevolent charity began investigating statistics on mental health in the drinks industry and found very few answers: “We commissioned this survey when we found that we couldn’t find any stats on this in the industry,” said Chief Executive, Chris Porter.

Porter shared some findings from the “intense and eye-opening survey”:

  • 46% are ‘on top’ of their mental health, meaning over half aren’t
  • 1/3  of those surveyed have experienced high-stress situations
  • 4/10 have never spoken to anyone at work about their mental health issues

Mental health first aid courses in the workplace

One of the panellists at the discussion, Kat Hounsell, has put in place a first aid training course for the workplace so that employees and employers can learn some tools in order help any colleagues suffering from anxiety or depression.

Hounsell’s top tips for approaching a colleague or friend who might be suffering from mental health issues, are:

  • be discreet
  • be conversational
  • be observational

To find out more about mental health first aid please visit Everyday People.