Blind Drunk – Wine or Water? Linda Johnson-Bell launches Indigogo campaign

I am taking the theme from my recent research paper (Archivio Antropologico Mediterraneo : Wine or Water? Viticulture’s Global Water Footprint and Irrigation: an Unaffordable Luxury) and bringing it to the consumer in my new book: Blind Drunk, Wine or Water?

In Grapevine the other day, Richard Siddle confirmed that in the wine industry, it “pays to be green” and reported that “Unilever claims over a third of consumers are now actively seeking out brands and companies to spend their money with” based on their social, environmental and ethical impact and behaviour. YouGov puts that figure at 37%” and that “Nielsen research shows that 75% of millennials are prepared to spend more for a sustainable product, up from 50% in 2014.”

But what is “sustainability”? Biodiversity, solar panels, electric vineyard equipment and biochar? The use of freshwater for irrigation is very conspicuously left out of the dialogue on the global water crisis. True sustainability has to incorporate better water management and dry-farming has to be the default position where possible. Join my “Rainfed Registry” Campaign and contribute to Blind Drunk.

Consumers have always wanted their eggs free-range, their chicken corn-fed and their vegetables organic, but they rarely put wine in the same category as their food – there is a cultural disconnect. Blind Drunk will connect these dots. Consumers are now asking questions: Will we run out of wine? (See my most recent sky news interview on global wine shortage)  If I can’t irrigate, what do I do? Will wine prices rise or fall? Will the wine in the future be better, worse, or just different? People are asking me why their favourite wines are changing in taste and price, and why alcohol levels are so high, or why so many wines are starting to taste the same.

Blind Drunk will answer all of this and more and set the stage for a new drinking trend. Because now, more than ever, before there can be “organic”, “sustainable”, or “bio-dynamic”, there has to be “rainfed”, or dry farmed. Because as things stand now, we are losing our classic wine regions forever. The well has run dry. Can we really afford to continue to use our scarce freshwater supplies to irrigate a luxury crop? And as irrigation laws in Europe slowly relax on irrigation – the industry is moving in the wrong direction.

Blind Drunk will have the first rainfed registry to help the consumer make more responsible drinking choices. There will be interviews and I’ll follow the lives of several producers across the globe as they transition and find their way in their new climates. Blind Drunk will explain why “good” wine does not mean expensive, will include lots of buying tips, reveal all of the new exciting wine regions, explain what is behind all of the trends, and how and what to really invest in.

I am not using my NY publishers for the first time, and am instead raising funds to self-publish. The funds raised will be for the book cover art, an editor, winemaker survey fees, research costs, printing, Press and PR and a Press launch with a tasting. Any surplus funds will be put towards a Sponsorship “Thank you” Party and Tasting.

I hope the Perks / Rewards will provide sufficient incentive, if not, know that you are doing your part to help save water … and wine,  as well as assisting an author fight back against the traditional publishing world! Every contribution of any size is appreciated and is important. I need your support. May I also ask that you forward the campaign to your contacts so to spread the word? Thank you!

By Linda Johnson-Bell

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